After a couple of years with our companions Major and Sassy, the show bug bit and I was on a mission to find a show prospect. The rest of the story is what my husband refers to as my other life. Over the years I have made so many friends and learned so much from those that were willing to take the time to answer my million questions. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

FRIENDSHIPS AND PARTNERSHIPS: Mutual respect, understanding and a common goal to better the breed, laid the foundation for some lasting friendships and partnerships. From those early friendships, Debi Bedford of Myde Boxers became my best friend and mentor, always thoughtful, ever trustworthy and never judging; guiding and supporting me through tough times and sharing her immense knowledge of this breed. Debi was the conduit that helped form a new friendship and opportunity by introducing me to Deborah Clark of Vancroft Boxers who entrusted me with a beautiful girl "Destiny", Ch Vancroft's Bullet's Glamorous to move forward with in our breeding programs. Ever supporting friend, Marc Canter of CanterMar Boxers and I have joined forces on a very special boy "Drake", Ch Cantermar's Port Au Prince. We are excited for him as he heads out as a "Special" in early 2011 with Ike Liotto and Tina Starr at the helm.

THOUGHTS ON HEALTH ISSUES: We have had many heartaches through the years with health related issues, but my love for the boxer presses me onward. My first show prospect was diagnosed with SAS at 18 months of age, I was devastated. His show career ended, but he is still with us at the age of 10 1/2, and has perfected his role as a couch potatoe. We then lost another purchased puppy to cardio at not quite 2 years of age. Having experienced this heartache first hand and knowing others who have lost boxers to conditions that affect our breed, I set out to learn everything I could, and dedicate myself to a responsible breeding program. So, when we breed the occasional litter, health testing is a priority. Health Screening Performed:

  • Color Echo Doppler
  • 24 Hr. Holter
  • Thyroid
  • DM (degenerative myelopathy)
  • ARVC-1 mutation

Although there are NO guarantees even with health testing, we will use the resources available to us, continue to test, and encourage others to do the same in hopes we will one day find the answers we search for regarding these health issues. I have listed some useful resources on these important health topics.

RINGSIDE: In the beginning I loved being an owner handler. Ike Liotto and his team showed me the ropes in the ring, gave me tips, and answered my never ending questions. Ike gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to attempt to show my dogs. I also experienced first hand the "behind the scenes" of a dog show from the handler and groomers point of view. This will make you appreciate your handler and what a priviledge it is to sit ringside! I soon discovered not all of us have the talent or skills for showing dogs. So for this, we turn to Ike Liotto and Tina Starr of Liotto-Starr All-Breed Professional Handlers. The circle of friends we have made and the team spirit and support of Liotto-Starr clients add to the enjoyment of my show weekends. All for one and one for all!

BOXER RESCUE: Founder, Lone Star Boxer Rescue. Since the inception of Lone Star Boxer Rescue in January of 1999, the group has re-homed hundreds of rescued Boxers. When the rescue grew to be more than I could handle alone, I was blessed with a Boxer Angel to step in and take over. Sharon Reitman is now the Director, Operator and driving force that is now behind Lone Star Boxer Rescue.

MEET BOGIE:He was one of my favorite rescues. He came to us with a bullet in his elbow. The leg could not be saved, but it didn't slow him down. Four short hours after his leg amputation, he leaped over a baby gate and I found him asleep on my sofa! I knew then, that he was going to be fine. He now lives with his new forever family who just happened to already have an amputee boxer girl. It was meant to be. Support Boxer Rescue!

To find information on Boxer Rescue in your area go to: The Boxer Map

Thank you for stopping in, we hope you enjoy your visit through the pages of Rockytop. Please sign our guest book before you leave and come again soon.....See you ringside!

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